Did you know
  • One in six people in Australia has  some level of hearing loss. This is projected to grow to one in 4 by the year of 2050
  • Over half the population aged between 60 to 70 has hearing loss, increasing to 70% for over 70 years and 80% for over 80 years
  • It takes people on average of 7 years to do something about their hearing loss from the time they become aware of it
  • Hearing loss affects both personal well being and relationships with family &  friends and often leads to feelings of isolation and frustration
Our services include
  • Free hearing screenings
  • Diagnostic Audiological evaluation
  • Fitting of latest technology hearing devices
  • Fitting of assistive listening devices
  • Ongoing maintenance and service

  • Some  hearing losses are treatable and some aren‘t
  • Better hearing device technology results in increased emotional wellbeing and better quality of life
  • Regular hearing checks are as essential as regular medical check ups
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