Australian Diabetic Eyecare

Australia's leading dedicated optometry service testing patients with diabetes. A 20 minute dilation eye test can help detect any early signs of vision loss most commonly associated with diabetes.

Our in house optometrist, Jennifer Hoang has continued to provide essential eye care services. She is adhering to strict hygiene protocols and is wearing face masks and using face shields on equipment when performing close proximity eye examinations.

We want to reassure patients that we will do everything possible to maintain safety and hygiene when attending our service. 

You can self refer or ask your doctor to refer you for a diabetic or any other eye-related health concerns such as:

- Patients on Plaquenil (Macula checks)
- Visual fields for stroke patients, headaches, or reduced vision
- Foreign body removals
- Glaucoma assessments
- Patients with red eyes
- Paediatrics
- General refraction and eye assessments
- Floaters and flashing lights

You can book an appointment here
Address: T97 Brimbank Shopping Centre (next to Woolworth and Direct Chemist Outlet)
28-72 Neale Road, Deer Park, VIC 3023